28 May 2018

Wedding at Villa il Poggiale

28 May 2018

Sarah and Simon had dreamed of celebrating their wedding at Villa Il Poggiale, immersing themselves in a magical atmosphere in the heart of Chianti, Tuscany, dining under a captivating tunnel of lights.

Before the wedding…

The soon-to-be-wed couple carefully chose a wonderful villa on the hills of Florence, Villa il Poggiale, an ancient residence in the heart of Chianti, a short distance from San Casciano and just steps away from Florence. With the assistance of the wedding planner Olivia Sodi, they planned their wedding reception, starting from the lighting project, building every detail of the event around this dream. They managed to find a perfect balance between the refined style of the venue and the elegant design of the wedding.

The wedding day…

The open-air ceremony was held in the park of the villa and was accompanied by the Florence Old Dixie Band. During the aperitif above the main villa lodge, overlooking to the main garden, we took the newlyweds to take some photos together in the garden and by the pool surrounded by a wonderful panorama of cypresses, vines and olive trees.

For the al fresco dinner they had one long table in a tunnel of fairy lights with the bride and groom in the centre, in a blaze of warm lights swaying in the wind. The speeches of parents and witnesses cheered up the dinner.
As soon as the guests got up from the long table, the party moved onto the dance floor, outdoor under a colonial-style tent, where it really came alive with the couple dances followed by disco dancing.

Thanks to our well-trained eye and our reportage photo technique, we tried to communicate the real emotions in the air of this wedding at Villa il Poggiale. The wedding day became a story of spontaneous, authentic, and joyful images filled with emotions and we captured the natural beauty and the elegance of both the venue and the couple during the most magical moments of the day.


Location: Villa il Poggiale
Planning & Design: Olivia Sodi

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