About us

We love traveling and photography, something that brought us together.


We love waiting patiently for the right shot, as well as photographing lighthouses and the ocean.


We love starry nights and the sunlight that filters through the trees.


Florence is where we were born and where we went back after living away for a while: Tommaso lived in Rome and Silvia in Milan. Florence is where we met and where we are raising our daughter, Erin.


We like to be with people, learn about their stories and tell them through our photos: the love between a couple, the smile of child, the complicity between a couple of friends.

Both in life and at work, we complete each other: Tommaso is the patient and thoughtful one while Silvia is more impulsive and dynamic.


Working together allows us to tell stories with our favorite style – the reportage. We love to capture those small details that make any event or wedding a unique experience.

The arrival of Erin has turned our lives upside down, making it at the same time great and exhausting, fun and unpredictable, but always full of unconditional love.

She is teaching us to be patient, not to be always in a rush and to see the magic in the little things. The wind that turns a meadow into a stormy ocean, the mystery and the beauty of a moon in full daylight, the chimneys that look like “spinning pumpkins”.

Through her eyes, we see wonderful and unexpected images: even the most ordinary object reveals its most surprising side.