25 May 2021

Family photo shoot in Tuscany at Villa di Lilliano

25 May 2021

Simona from Magnifico Tour organized a beautiful itinerary in Tuscany for Jenny, Mini Me Explorer, and her family. The tour included, along with a series of surprises, a family photo shoot at the Villa Medicea di Lilliano, a magnificent villa nestled among the green hills of Florence, just a 15-minute drive from the city. In the splendid garden of the villa and on the terrace with a breathtaking view of the Tuscan hills, we arranged the photo shoot for Jenny and her children.

Ensuring that the children were not intimidated by the camera and were eager to have fun was not difficult; they were already accustomed to being photographed by their mother, who runs a splendid family travel blog. Running and playing allowed all three of them to be truly relaxed, capturing beautiful happy expressions. The video by Daniele Cribari contributed to making this family’s stay in Tuscany truly unforgettable.

Olivia Sodi, an event and wedding planner, organized the design for the event, a meticulously curated garden aperitif, featuring a colorful picnic with a view of Florence, and a beautiful dinner table where Delizia Ricevimenti, thanks to the Delivera service, took care of the catering (non-traditional). The entire family rolled up their sleeves in a fun teamwork session involving boxes containing ingredients and QR codes of recipes. They prepared and plated the dinner like true chefs. The dessert was enjoyed on the terrace to the jazz notes of the Old Florence Dixie Band.

The enthusiasm and the desire to play, the light, the beauty of the villa, and the attention to detail truly created a beautiful set for this family photo shoot in Tuscany.


Design: Olivia Sodi www.oliviasodi.com
Travel experience: Magnifico Tour  magnifico-tour.com
Foto: Punti di Bianco www.puntidibianco.it
Video: Daniele Cribari www.danielecribari.com
Location & wine: Villa di Lilliano  medicivilla.com
Food: Delivera by Delizia Ricevimenti  deliziaricevimenti.it
Flowers: Flower Art Creation  www.flowerartcreation.com


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