13 October 2018

P&J wedding

13 October 2018

We saw Pascal and Jamil for the first time only the day before their wedding. We met at Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte, the chosen venue for their wedding.

We had a chance to break the ice and explore the villa together. We choose the angles and their favorite rooms for the whole photo shoot: from the early preparations to the ceremony and the party.

Visiting the villa together was really helpful. It helped us get to know each other, organize our work and understand the style and type shots, in particular, their “first look” and a few  other shots with their best man and maid of honour, all before the ceremony.

The next day at the villa, as we normally do, Tommaso and I spent some time respectively with the groom and the bride during the early preparations. The best man and the maid of honour were there too, which helped Pascal and Jamil get ready and relax: they all looked so natural as they chatted away. They never even noticed the cameras.

The four best man and a child, all together struggling a little with the “infamous” bow tie, was something that made the groom’s preparation more fun and gave us the opportunity to take a few original and cheerful shots.

The whole day – from the ceremony to the shots of the newlyweds, as well as the aperitif and the dinner with all the friends and family – looked and felt very relaxed and natural. Pascal and Jamil had a lot of fun and seemed at ease all the time. We still remember the wild dance moves and the atmosphere of the whole night.

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