Punti di Bianco will accompany you both during and after the ceremony, capturing the beauty of people and venues with an elegant style. Your photo album will be romantic, glamorous and fun.

  • Proponiamo una serie di servizi da concordare insieme prima del matrimonio. In particolare:

    • foto di fidanzamento
    • save the date in formato video o fotografico
    • mini sito per il matrimonio o blog
  • Durante il matrimonio saremo al vostro fianco con discrezione per tutta la giornata. Siamo pronti ad accompagnarvi dalla mattina, per seguire la preparazione di sposo e sposa, fino a tarda notte, per documentare tutto il ricevimento. In particolare:

    • preparazione della Sposa
    • preparazione dello Sposo
    • durante la Cerimonia
    • in una o più location a vostra scelta
    • con foto e video d'ambiente, anche aeree
    • durante il rinfresco e la cena
    • al taglio della torta
    • immersi nei balli durante il party
    • seguendo voi e i vostri ospiti con il photobooth
  • Dopo la cerimonia inizia la seconda parte del nostro lavoro, con una serie completa di servizi. In particolare:

    • montaggio video
    • pubblicazione gallery e video online
    • slideshow delle foto più belle montate a video
    • stampe delle singole foto
    • fotolibro del matrimonio
  • Il photobooth è un servizio molto divertente per sposi e ospiti, ma anche durante eventi di altro genere. Consiste nell’allestimento di un piccolo set creativo e spiritoso, ispirato a temi cari agli sposi, con gadget a disposizione degli ospiti per scattarsi foto stravaganti e ironiche.

    • possibilità di stampare le foto in tempo reale
    • stampe delle singole foto in un momento successivo
    • slideShow delle foto tramite videoproiezione durante l'evento
    • pubblicazione online durante l’evento con possibilità di dedica
    • pubblicazione di gallery e video online
  • We offer our services for every different kind of private and corporate events


Frequently Asked Questions

Normally, there will be at least two of us. This is necessary to ensure complete coverage of the event. Furthermore, it allows us to better deal with the most complex parts of the reportage. There might be three of us, especially if we have to make a video. In any case, we will assess - together with you - your needs and find the best solution.
The photos are taken in RAW format, which requires both a "development" and post production stage. You will only receive unzipped, high-resolution, processed and manually improved images in JPG format. Wedding photography falls within the definition of "photoshoot service carried out on commission" and is regulated by art. 98, I. April 22, 1941 No. 633 concerning copyright law, which stipulates that - unless previously agreed - the originals (files) of the photographs are the property of the photographer. You may request, in compliance with applicable laws, not to publish some or all of your photos on our website. In any case, such conditions will be specified in the contract.
We would be happy to use them for the portfolio of We would love to build an archive of all the completed photo projects . If you wish not to, we will gladly accept your request and respect your privacy.
To ensure availability and better work organization, it is advisable to book at least a few months in advance. However, if your event is only weeks or even days away, do not hesitate to contact us. We shall not turn down your request.
Our goal is to give you photos that are different, well finished and elaborated with the care. It is for these reasons that you will get anything between 300 and 600 photos. We prefer to give you fewer well-finished and different photos rather than many repetitive, average and hurried ones. We will create a comprehensive chronicle of the whole event.
We will send you some photos within a week. Normally, we send the ones that we consider more representative first, so that you can share them with your loved ones. The delivery time of the whole service is about 40 working days from the day of the reception. The pictures will be delivered in two formats, on a DVD (in high resolution) and in an online gallery which is located within the restricted area of our website (
We will create a private online gallery that allows you to view and show your photos to friends and family. This service is included in the price. The online gallery is visible only to you and the people you want to share it with. Your gallery will be kept for at least two years from the delivery of the whole service .
Yes, we will try to organize the photoshoot so as not to bore the guests, keeping the atmosphere fun. For a better photoshoot service, it is a advisable that you share your ideas and plan with us the event. This helps us understand the best way to realize the service.

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